Janet Jackson Reveals Why Michael Jackson’s Death Was Planned

Janet Jackson Reveals Why Michael Jackson’s Death Was Planned

So, Michael Jackson’s death at his Los Angeles mansion was attributed to an OD of Propofol, a surgical anaesthetic used in operating rooms.

And yes, Michael Jackson’s personal doctor Conrad Murray was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for his part in MJ’s death, and he even served two years in prison.

But trust me, it’s not as simple as that!

The death of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, continues to be shrouded in mystery and speculation, with many questioning the official narrative surrounding his passing.

Despite the conviction of his personal doctor, Conrad Murray, for involuntary manslaughter, there are persistent claims from Jackson’s family members and others that his death was not a simple case of medical malpractice, but rather a carefully orchestrated setup.

Janet Jackson, Michael’s sister, openly blames Dr. Murray for her brother’s death, stating that he was the one administering the drugs that led to the fatal overdose.

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However, she, along with other family members like Latoya Jackson, believe that Murray was merely a pawn in a larger scheme to silence Michael and gain control over his valuable assets, particularly his music catalog.

Latoya Jackson has been vocal about her suspicions, alleging that Michael repeatedly expressed fears for his life and believed that individuals were conspiring against him to seize his assets.

She points to the sudden changes in Michael’s inner circle and business advisors, particularly the influence of Dr. Tomei, as evidence of a calculated effort to manipulate him for financial gain.

Paris Jackson, Michael’s daughter, has also voiced her belief that her father’s death was a setup, echoing her aunt Latoya’s claims.

Paris describes her father’s final days as filled with paranoia and fear, with Michael expressing concerns about his safety and the intentions of those around him.

Kanye West, in one of his infamous Twitter rants, suggested that Michael had warned him about individuals like Tommy Mottola, the former Sony CEO, whom Michael accused of mistreatment and manipulation.


This adds to the narrative that powerful figures in the music industry may have had motives to harm Michael.

Furthermore, conspiracy theories involving the Illuminati and claims of faked wills and financial interests provide alternative explanations for Michael’s untimely demise.

Some even speculate that Michael may still be alive, fueling further intrigue and speculation.

As investigations continue and new information surfaces, the truth behind Michael Jackson’s death remains elusive.

Was it a tragic accident caused by medical negligence, or was it part of a larger conspiracy to silence one of music’s biggest icons? Only time and continued scrutiny will reveal the full extent of the events leading to Michael Jackson’s demise.

In conclusion, the death of Michael Jackson continues to be a subject of intense scrutiny and debate, with various theories and allegations surrounding the circumstances of his passing.

Whether it was a case of medical negligence, foul play, or a larger conspiracy, the quest for answers and justice for Michael Jackson remains ongoing.

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