Jason Momoa EXPOSES How Oprah & The Rock BLACKBALLS Actors (VIDEO).

This long and complex narrative involves several celebrities and allegations of misconduct, unfair treatment, and disputes in the entertainment industry. Here are the key points:

    Allegations Against Dwayne Johnson and Oprah Winfrey:

    Blackballing Accusations: Jason Momoa has supposedly accused Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Oprah Winfrey of blackballing others in Hollywood.
    Legal Issues: Johnson was named in a $3 billion lawsuit by former wrestler Trenesha Biggers, who claimed Johnson and others were involved in a kidnapping plot. The court dismissed the claims due to a lack of evidence.

    The Rock and Jason Momoa:

    Fast & Furious Franchise: Momoa’s role in “Fast X” and the absence of Johnson’s character led to speculation about a feud between the two, possibly linked to Johnson’s disputes with Vin Diesel.

    Oprah and The Color Purple Controversy:

    Production Issues: There have been multiple complaints about the treatment of actors on the set of “The Color Purple” remake.
    Taraji P. Henson’s Struggles: Henson revealed issues with fair pay, inadequate working conditions, and lack of security and basic necessities on set. Oprah allegedly didn’t advocate for better conditions or pay for the cast, leading to significant tension.

    Interviews and Public Statements: Henson has been vocal about these issues, indicating her exhaustion with the ongoing struggle for fair treatment and pay in Hollywood, particularly for Black actresses.

    General Discontent in Hollywood:

    Pay Inequality: The ongoing issue of pay disparity in Hollywood, especially for Black actresses, is highlighted through Henson’s experiences.
    Treatment of Cast and Crew: The narrative includes allegations of actors being subjected to long hours without proper accommodations, food, or security.

    Fan Reactions and Public Perception:

    Negative Publicity: Fans and the public have noticed the tension and dissatisfaction expressed by actors like Henson, impacting the promotional efforts for “The Color Purple”.
    Criticism of Celebrities’ Actions: Both Oprah and Johnson have faced criticism for their actions and perceived lack of support for others in the industry.

This story paints a picture of the challenges and controversies in the entertainment industry, from legal battles and interpersonal conflicts to systemic issues like pay inequality and poor working conditions.

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