Jennifer Hudson CLOWNS Tiffany Haddish For Still Being In Love With Common

Jennifer Hudson CLOWNS Tiffany Haddish For Still Being In Love With Common

For the first time since she went public with her relationship with Common, Jennifer Hudson has broken her silence, and with the way she is moving and dropping all them hints, its clear that Miss Girl is mocking Tiffany Haddish for still being in love with Common.

Tiffany and Common used to have a thing back in the day before he dumped her and got together with Jennifer. And turns out that Tiffany is still super salty over this and has been throwing shade at Jennifer every chance she gets.

For the first time since her relationship with Common became public, Jennifer Hudson has decided to speak out amidst the swirling drama involving herself, Common, and Tiffany Haddish.

The situation has become increasingly tense, with Hudson dropping hints and making moves that many interpret as mocking Haddish’s continued feelings for Common, despite their past relationship.

The origins of this love triangle stem from Common’s romantic history, as he has been linked with numerous high-profile women in the past. However, it was his relationship with Haddish that ended in 2021, paving the way for his connection with Hudson in 2022.

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Initially, reports suggested that the breakup between Common and Haddish was due to conflicting desires regarding starting a family. Haddish reportedly wanted children, while Common did not share the same enthusiasm for expanding their family.

However, Haddish later refuted Common’s explanation, alleging that he has a pattern of not committing to relationships and likening him to a bee flitting from one flower to another.

Despite their breakup, Common and Hudson had known each other for years as colleagues in the entertainment industry.

They starred together in the film “Breathe In,” where they played on-screen spouses. Speculation about their relationship began to circulate after they were seen together attending events and spending time in each other’s company.

As their romance blossomed, Haddish made her feelings known, suggesting that Hudson might have been a factor in her breakup with Common.

She continued to throw shade at Hudson, expressing her lingering bitterness over their past relationship. Haddish’s apparent inability to move on from Common led to Hudson feeling increasingly frustrated with her constant subtle jabs and insinuations.

Sources close to Hudson reveal that she finds Haddish’s behavior embarrassing and believes that Haddish needs to let go of her lingering feelings for Common. Despite the breakup occurring three years ago, Haddish’s continued fixation on Common has become a source of discomfort for Hudson.

Hudson’s decision to break her silence on the matter comes after months of enduring Haddish’s veiled criticisms.

In interviews, Haddish has openly discussed her relationship with Common, describing it as healthy and enjoyable. However, she has also made comments suggesting that Common may have been non-committal, hinting at unresolved issues between them.

Despite the drama surrounding their relationship, Hudson and Common have continued to make public appearances together, affirming their commitment to each other.

They have attended events together and publicly acknowledged their relationship during Hudson’s talk show.

As the love triangle drama continues to unfold, fans are divided in their opinions. Some sympathize with Haddish’s lingering feelings, while others agree with Hudson’s perspective that it’s time for Haddish to move on.

Regardless of the outcome, the messy love triangle between Hudson, Common, and Haddish has captured the attention of fans and media alike, adding another layer of complexity to their already complicated relationships.

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