‘Looks Bigger Than Canelo’ – Ryan Garcia Stuns Fans with New Look in First Training Footage Since Suspension

Ryan Garcia has shocked fans with his new, bulked-up appearance in his first training footage since being suspended from boxing. The American boxer, who recently served a suspension for testing positive for the banned substance Ostarine, appears to have put on significant weight.

Garcia, known as ‘King Ry’, defeated Devin Haney on points in a historic match but later faced a one-year ban from the sport due to positive drug tests. This suspension, which is backdated, will end in April next year. Since the announcement of his ban, Garcia has returned to the gym, showcasing a much larger frame than his usual fighting weight.

The noticeable change in Garcia’s physique did not go unnoticed by fans. One observer commented, “Ryan looks like he’s a light heavyweight, wow.” Another agreed, stating, “Dude has packed on some weight.” Some even joked about his size, with a fan saying, “Mad, this guy literally looks bigger than Canelo [168lbs].”

Others provided mixed reactions, with some advising Garcia to stay in shape and be ready for his return. “Best thing he could do is stay in shape and be ready,” one viewer suggested. Another fan pointed out, “Even with the added weight dude is fast,” highlighting Garcia’s retained speed despite his increased size.

In the footage released, Garcia is seen working out on the pads, visibly letting out his frustrations. The clips sparked further discussions among fans, with some noting his powerful and swift movements despite the bulkier physique. A viewer added, “He is out of shape, but no hate, he’s just living life right now.”

Garcia faces a challenging period out of the ring until 2025. Upon his return, a rematch with Devin Haney seems to be a priority. Haney, responding to the suspension and overturned result, expressed his desire for a clean and fair rematch. “Once this suspension is over, Garcia let’s run it back. Clean on an even playing field. Biggest fight in boxing,” Haney tweeted.

Additionally, there has been talk of a potential sequel with Gervonta Davis, who handed Garcia his only career defeat last April. The possibility of these high-stakes matches adds to the anticipation of Garcia’s return to the ring.

Ryan Garcia’s dramatic transformation and his impressive speed despite the added weight have left fans intrigued about his future in boxing. With his suspension ending soon, the boxing community eagerly awaits his comeback, which promises to bring exciting matchups and perhaps a new chapter in Garcia’s career.

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