Mike Perry angrily confesses he doesn’t want to hurt Jake Paul too much: ‘Dont want to ruin it for Mike’

Although Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship king Mike Perry took the ight against Jake Paul last-minute, he is feeling really confident on his possibilities to hurt the ‘Problem Child’. Perry tends to stay ready in case any fight comes his way and this is the perfect opportunity for him to make some good money. Previously, Mike Perry was already the replacement for the Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis fight but he didn’t get to step on that ring. With Mike Tyson suffering that health emergency during a flight, this was the perfect chance for him to take up on a offer he can’t refuse. There is a leve of confidence Mike Perry has that makes us think he may have a shot at beating up Jake Paul.

The fact that Mike Tyson is no longer fighting on July 20 does not mean he will never fight Jake Paul. It just means he will take some time to recover and get back to the gym for a potential return in September. With that in mind, Mike Perry wants to go easy on Jake Paul so he can be in one piece when Mike Tyson returns to activity. Although Jake might have something to say about that, Perry is convinced of his skillset. Plus, he also said he would take fighting Mike Tyson in a heart beat. If that means he can’t hurt Jake Paul that bad, so be it. Keep in mind, this opponent is not the same as any of the other UFC fighters Jake Paul already fought. This is a BKFC champion, who is used to boxing.

This is what Perry said on ESPN MMA: “Whatever it is I’m doing, the only thing I want to ruin is Jake’s face. And you know, I don’t wanna ruin anything for Mike. There’s still gonna be an opportunity. There’s still lots of months ahead and anything can happen within that time. Would I fight Mike Tyson? Yes absolutely. of course man, of course! I’m thinking about that, you know, I would definitely do it. Because the comments can be negative already anyway, so what are they gonna say? ‘Oh now you’re gonna fight the old guy’. They could say whatever comments, the internet is undefeated.”

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