Mike Tyson helped referee hold his rival up as he staggered into ropes after inflicting huge KO in comeback fight


In a dramatic display of both power and sportsmanship, Mike Tyson made a memorable comeback in January 1999, where he faced Francois Botha. This fight not only marked Tyson’s return to the ring but also showcased his immense power and unexpected compassion during the bout.

Tyson, who had regained his boxing license after a successful appeal following his infamous disqualification for biting Evander Holyfield’s ear in 1997, was eager to prove himself. His opponent, Francois Botha, was confident and taunted Tyson throughout the match. Despite looking rusty in the opening rounds, Tyson’s determination remained unshaken.

The fifth round saw Botha taunting Tyson, but the tides turned quickly. With just 12 seconds left in the round, Tyson landed a powerful right hand that sent Botha crashing to the canvas. Botha struggled to get up, his legs wobbly, and staggered towards the ropes. The referee, noticing Botha’s disorientation, intervened to stop the fight and prevent further injury.

In a surprising turn, Tyson assisted the referee in holding up Botha as he struggled to stand. Tyson’s act of sportsmanship, helping his dazed opponent to the ground, was a stark contrast to his aggressive reputation. This gesture highlighted a different side of Tyson, showing his respect and concern for his fellow fighter.

The victory was significant for Tyson, marking a successful return to the ring. However, the post-fight atmosphere was tense. When questioned about his pre-fight comments suggesting Botha would “die,” Tyson snapped at a reporter, demanding respect and decrying negative press coverage. This outburst underscored the intense pressure Tyson felt to defend his legacy and reputation.

Mike Tyson’s career is filled with legendary moments, including becoming the youngest-ever world heavyweight champion at the age of 20. His knockout power and ferocity in the ring made him a fan favorite. Despite a tumultuous career with notable highs and lows, Tyson’s comeback against Botha reinforced his status as one of boxing’s most formidable competitors.

After his fight with Botha, Tyson continued to pursue boxing, facing various opponents with mixed results. His career had its share of controversies, including a no-contest ruling against Andrew Golota and a KO defeat to Lennox Lewis. Tyson eventually retired, only to return for exhibition matches, continuing to captivate the boxing world with his enduring legacy.

Mike Tyson’s comeback fight against Francois Botha is remembered not just for the powerful knockout, but for the unexpected moment of sportsmanship that followed. Tyson’s ability to balance ferocity with compassion remains a defining aspect of his storied career.

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