Oprah Slams Katt Williams For Exposing Her Sick Agenda… Puts Out A Hit On Him?

So it looks like Katt is starting to rub Oprah the wrong way, because she is now breaking her silence on him, and dragging him for filth for talking about her.

In case y’all missed it, Oprah has been spilling tea and exposing some embarrassing and kings illegal activities that Oprah has been in, and it seems like she has had it to here with him and she is ready to come at Katt Williams for all the accusations he has spread about her, and if y’all know Oprah, you know that she does NOT play when it comes to stuff like this.

Oprah criticizes Katt Williams for revealing her sick plot… Giving an assassination order?

In recent days, a series of allegations have been released, making accusations about famous actress and producer Oprah Winfrey from comedian Katt Williams.

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These allegations have caused a wave of controversy and concern from the entertainment community, with many expressing concern about their consequences for Oprah’s public image.

In her latest conversation, Katt Williams attacked Oprah Winfrey, calling her part of the “Hollywood aristocracy” and accusing her of meddling in the lives and careers of black artists.

He claimed that Oprah used her influence to suppress the success of certain artists and promote policies against them.

One of Katt Williams’s most prominent accusations was that Oprah held an interview with Ludacris in which she criticized him on issues unrelated to his art.

He also gave the example of Oprah trying to tarnish Michael Jackson’s image after his death, by interviewing his accusers.

In addition, Katt Williams also highlighted Oprah’s involvement with controversial individuals such as Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein, as well as her support of a self-proclaimed “spiritual fortune teller” who was allegedly involved in the trafficking of children and the sale of organs.

Amid these allegations, there is speculation that Oprah reacted strongly and may have tried to “out” Katt Williams.

However, there is no concrete evidence establishing that Oprah gave the assassination order or any other illegal action to Katt Williams.

However, these accusations created a wave of controversy and had a strong impact on Oprah Winfrey’s public image, raising questions about the correctness of her actions and opinions in the entertainment world.

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