Prince Naseem Hamed Becomes Anthony Joshua’s Head Coach, Promises Victory Over Dubois in Just One Minute

In a stunning development that has sent shockwaves through the boxing world, Prince Naseem Hamed has been announced as Anthony Joshua’s new head coach. The flamboyant former champion, known for his explosive style and knockout power, has boldly promised to help Joshua defeat Daniel Dubois in just one minute.

Anthony Joshua, the former unified heavyweight champion, has been on a mission to reclaim his place at the pinnacle of the sport. Following his highly publicized defeats to Andy Ruiz Jr. and Oleksandr Usyk, Joshua has been seeking the perfect formula to regain his ruthless edge. Enter Prince Naseem Hamed, a boxing legend whose unorthodox approach and charismatic personality made him one of the most exciting fighters of his era.

The partnership between Joshua and Hamed is as surprising as it is intriguing. Hamed, who retired from professional boxing in 2002, has largely stayed out of the spotlight. However, his return to the sport as Joshua’s head coach marks a new chapter in both of their careers.

Hamed wasted no time making a bold prediction about Joshua’s upcoming bout against Daniel Dubois, scheduled for September 21 at Wembley Stadium. In a recent press conference, Hamed confidently declared, “Anthony Joshua will defeat Daniel Dubois in just one minute. With my guidance, he will unleash a level of power and precision that the boxing world has never seen before.”

Details of Hamed’s training regimen for Joshua remain closely guarded, but insiders suggest a focus on agility, speed, and knockout power—hallmarks of Hamed’s own fighting style. Hamed’s unique perspective and experience are expected to bring a fresh and dynamic approach to Joshua’s preparation.

The announcement has elicited mixed reactions from the boxing community. Some experts are skeptical of Hamed’s ability to translate his personal success into effective coaching, particularly given the high stakes of Joshua’s career. Others, however, are excited about the potential synergy between Hamed’s unconventional methods and Joshua’s athleticism.

Prominent boxing analyst Carl Froch commented, “It’s a risky move, but it could pay off big time. Hamed’s approach is unconventional, but that’s exactly what might catch Dubois off guard.”

Daniel Dubois, the reigning IBF heavyweight champion, has been on a remarkable trajectory of his own. Known for his powerful punches and relentless aggression, Dubois is not to be underestimated. His recent victories over Jarrell Miller and Filip Hrgovic have solidified his reputation as a formidable opponent.

Dubois, responding to the news of Hamed’s appointment, said, “I respect Hamed as a fighter, but this is the heavyweight division. It takes more than promises to win. I’ll be ready for whatever Joshua brings.”

As the countdown to the September 21 fight continues, the boxing world will be watching closely to see if Prince Naseem Hamed’s audacious prediction comes true. Will Hamed’s coaching reignite Joshua’s career and deliver a stunning one-minute victory over Dubois? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: the stage is set for an unforgettable showdown.

This unexpected partnership has added a new layer of excitement to an already highly anticipated fight, ensuring that all eyes will be on Wembley Stadium come fight night.

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