[Respectfully] JAY-Z and Kelly Rowland freely spent $72M to cooperate with Harris County officials in Texas to build 31 housing units for the homeless

Harris County officials Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland are teaming up to create 31 permanent housing units for the homeless in Houston, TX.

Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland partner with Harris County to build homes for the homeless


Harris County and singers Destiny Child are teaming up to create a permanent housing unit in Midtown.

Harris County officials announced Tuesday, (June 27), by county leaders that they will use $7.2 million in American Rescue Plan funds to develop housing at the gym. Bread of Life fitness at 2019 Crawford Street.

According to Chron, the Housing Project aims to have case managers and support services such as transportation, mentаl health, physical and behavioral health support.


Judge Lina Hidalgo said “an even bigger launch” of housing units will be announced in September when Beyonce comes to Houston for her Renaissance World Tour.

Beyonce’s two tour dates in the city are Saturday, September 23, and Sunday, September 24, at NRG Stadium.


“Harris County and the city of Houston, along with the Homeless Coalition, have reduced the number of homeless people by 20% amid the pаndemic and we have been able to maintain that reduction,” Hidalgo said in a news conference Tuesday morning.

“We just had a homeless count, so with initiatives like this, I would certainly support it no matter who is behind it, but I think it’s especially interesting because there are names like Beyonce and Kelly Rowland, among them.” of course, has supported the community for a very long time.”

According to a May survey by the Coalition for the Homeless, the number of homeless people in Houston has decreased by about 17% since 2022.

In addition to 31 housing units, the Knowles-Rowland House permanent housing project will have case managers, peer specialists, service specialists and support services, such as transportation, mentаl health support mentаl, physical and behavioral health, county records note.

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