Terence Crawford ‘Overlooking’ Next Opponent to Focus on Potential Canelo Alvarez Fight

In the high-stakes world of boxing, Terence Crawford has revealed that he is ‘overlooking’ his next opponent as he sets his sights on a potential blockbuster fight against Canelo Alvarez. Despite the looming challenge, Eddie Hearn, promoter of Crawford’s next opponent, Israil Madrimov, believes this distraction could spell trouble for Crawford.

Crawford is set to make his debut at 154 lbs, challenging Israil Madrimov for the WBA super welterweight title on August 3. Madrimov, an undefeated Uzbekistani fighter, aims to disrupt Crawford’s plans for a super fight with Canelo.

Eddie Hearn has expressed concerns that Crawford might be underestimating Madrimov due to his focus on a future clash with Alvarez. “I think they’re underestimating him. He’s extremely strong and hits very hard,” Hearn said. “Everyone is talking about Canelo later. Don’t get me wrong, Crawford is the favorite, but Madrimov is a very, very tough fight.”

Crawford has admitted that his loss to Joshua in Saudi Arabia continues to haunt him. “When Anthony Joshua beat me, I wasn’t prepared. It still haunts me, so I have to be prepared for every single fighter,” he said. This motivation is driving him to seek a trilogy fight with Joshua, but first, he must focus on his upcoming bout.

The potential fight with Canelo Alvarez is already generating significant buzz. Sir Turki Alalshikh has discussed the possibility of Crawford moving up to 168 pounds to face the pound-for-pound star. Hearn acknowledged that only Sir Turki has the financial power to make the fight happen, saying, “He will have to pay what Saul wants for the fight.”

While Crawford is naturally drawn to the lucrative and high-profile fight with Alvarez, Hearn reminds him of the challenge at hand. “Crawford can’t afford to overlook Madrimov. He’s a very strong, durable guy at his peak, and he hits very hard. It’s not an easy fight.”

Crawford’s coach, Brian McIntyre, also weighed in on the potential fight with Canelo. “Bud has what it takes to beat Canelo. It would be a challenge for him and the whole team, but that’s what we’re here for, to be great,” he said. McIntyre suggested that a victory over Canelo could mark the end of Crawford’s illustrious career, adding, “If Bud beats Canelo, we might need to retire, having defeated the pound-for-pound king. But right now, my mind is on Madrimov.”

As Terence Crawford prepares to face Israil Madrimov, his eyes are set on a larger prize: a potential fight with Canelo Alvarez. However, the boxing world knows that overlooking any opponent can be dangerous. With Madrimov aiming to make a name for himself, Crawford must balance his aspirations for greatness with the immediate challenge before him. The upcoming months will be crucial in determining the future trajectory of Crawford’s career.

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