“THAT FIGHT WAS NOT FAIR” Angry Gervonta Davis Accuses Naoya Inoue’s Team Of Cheating To KO Him And Leaks Video Of Practice Match Causing Him To Suffer More Than $25 Million In Losses

In a dramatic and highly controversial turn of events, Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis has angrily accused Naoya Inoue’s team of cheating to secure a knockout in a closely contested practice match. Davis, known for his formidable power and skill in the ring, has taken the extraordinary step of leaking a video of the sparring session to support his claims.


Davis, visibly frustrated and upset, spoke out about the incident, alleging that Inoue’s team employed underhanded tactics to gain an unfair advantage. “It’s not fair,” Davis exclaimed. “Inoue’s team crossed the line. There were things going on in that practice match that shouldn’t happen in boxing. This was supposed to be a fair and controlled environment, but it was anything but.”

The leaked video, which quickly went viral, shows the intense practice match between Davis and Inoue. The footage appears to capture moments that Davis argues demonstrate the alleged cheating, including possible fouls and what he believes to be intentional misconduct by Inoue’s team.

“This video speaks for itself,” Davis continued. “I respect Inoue as a fighter, but what happened during this practice match was unacceptable. We need to maintain the integrity of the sport, and this kind of behavior has no place in boxing.”

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