‘THE ONLY EXCEPTION’ Billionaire Turki Alalshikh Says Anthony Joshua Would Get ‘killed’ And $120 Million If He Could Beat Daniel Dubois In 2 Minutes

In a shocking statement that has electrified the boxing world, Turki Alalshikh, the influential Saudi sports promoter, declared that Anthony Joshua would earn a staggering $120 million if he could knock out Daniel Dubois in under two minutes. However, Alalshikh added a dramatic caveat, claiming Joshua would get ‘killed’ attempting such a feat, highlighting the immense difficulty and danger involved.

Alalshikh, known for orchestrating high-profile sporting events in Saudi Arabia, made the provocative remarks during an interview that quickly spread across social media. “Anthony Joshua is a phenomenal athlete, but this challenge is the only exception where I believe even he would struggle,” Alalshikh said. “If he can beat Dubois in two minutes, he’ll earn $120 million. But make no mistake, it would be incredibly dangerous — he could get killed trying.”

The audacious challenge has generated widespread debate among boxing fans and experts. Anthony Joshua, a former unified heavyweight champion, is celebrated for his knockout power and technical skills. Meanwhile, Daniel Dubois, known for his ferocious punching ability, represents a formidable challenge, making the proposed two-minute knockout a daunting task for even a fighter of Joshua’s caliber.

The $120 million prize is an extraordinary sum, making this hypothetical match one of the most lucrative in boxing history. While the financial incentive is immense, the inherent risks outlined by Alalshikh underscore the extreme nature of the challenge.

As of now, there has been no official response from Anthony Joshua or his representatives regarding Alalshikh’s statement. The boxing community is abuzz with speculation, eagerly waiting to see if Joshua will address the challenge and what his response might be.

Turki Alalshikh’s bold proclamation has added a new level of intrigue and excitement to the heavyweight boxing scene. Whether this challenge will lead to an actual bout remains to be seen, but it has certainly captured the imagination of boxing enthusiasts worldwide.

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