“THE REFEREE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PROTECT YOU THIS TIME” Tyson Fury Sent A 5-word Ultimatum To Oleksandr Usyk, After Usyk Announced His Withdrawal From The Rematch !!

Tyson Fury has delivered a stark ultimatum to Oleksandr Usyk, vowing revenge following Usyk’s announcement of withdrawal from their scheduled rematch.

In a terse statement, Fury declared, “The referee will not be able to protect you this time.”

Fury, known for his imposing presence in the heavyweight division, expressed clear intent to settle the score with Usyk. The withdrawal announcement from Usyk has ignited Fury’s determination to reclaim what he sees as unfinished business in the ring.

The anticipated rematch between Fury and Usyk had garnered significant attention, promising to be a clash of titans in the boxing world. Fury’s response to Usyk’s decision signals a resolute stance to pursue justice in their rivalry, suggesting a fierce battle awaits whenever the fight resumes.

As fans await further developments, Fury’s message underscores the intensity and personal stakes involved in the world of professional boxing. The fallout from Usyk’s withdrawal sets the stage for a compelling narrative as both fighters navigate their respective paths forward.

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