Tyson Fury Trolled By Oleksandr Usyk’s Team In Workout Session After Bizarrely Claiming He Lost Because It Was ‘Probably Too Easy’

TYSON FURY has been brutally trolled by Oleksandr Uysk’s camp after he claimed he lost the fight between the two because it was “too easy”.

The Gyspy King tasted the first defeat of his career as the judges awarded the Ukranian the win by a split decision on May 18.

Since the fight, Fury has come out and suggested that he lost the fight because it was “too easy”.

The Morecambe boxer insisted that it became a problem for him as he was “messing around” in the ring,

Uysk’s promoter Alex Krassyuk has now trolled Fury in his reponse to his comment.

Krassyuk suggested another example that Fury had believed would be an easy one in his bout against Francis Ngannou.

He said: “Second easiest fight after Ngannou.”

Fury, 35, faced the UFC heavyweight champion in a crossover fight back in October last year.

Billed as Battle of the Baddest, Fury came out on top but was far from convincing.

Fury was even knocked down in the third round by Ngannou but survived in order to win the fight by a controversial split decision.

Fury is still convinvced that he should have won the fight against Usyk.

He explained: “I have watched the fight back lots of times and still have the same answer, I thought I did enough and won the fight.

“Usyk knows he didn’t beat me.

“It was close enough, one judge had me winning by a round and one judge had him winning by a round.

“And then the final one made the decision.

“I have to get him out of there because I won’t get a decision, which is unfortunate because it’s hard enough to win a fight, let alone winning it when you have to knock someone out.

“But I am confident and looking forward to the challenge.”

Fury will fight Usyk against in the rematch which has been scheduled for December 21.

He has also laughed off concerns over his boozy session in Morecambe which saw him tumbling out of a pub.

He said: “I have just been taking life very simply.

“I got p***ed-up about two weeks ago and fell over on my face, didn’t do any damage though, as you can see I’m still good looking!

“Apart from that I have lots of messages and phone calls from people asking me if I am OK.

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