Tyson Fury warns Anthony Joshua ‘will fail miserably’ when fighting Dubois and could end his career

In the world of heavyweight boxing, words can be as powerful as punches. Tyson Fury, known for his sharp wit and unparalleled boxing prowess, has issued a stark warning to fellow British heavyweight Anthony Joshua ahead of Joshua’s upcoming bout against Daniel Dubois. Fury believes that Joshua is poised for a significant downfall, one that could potentially spell the end of his illustrious career.

Tyson Fury, the reigning WBC heavyweight champion, did not mince words when discussing Anthony Joshua’s chances against Dubois. “Anthony Joshua will fail miserably against Daniel Dubois,” Fury stated in a recent interview. “This fight could very well be the end of his career.”

Fury’s prediction comes as Joshua prepares to face Dubois on September 21. The match is highly anticipated, with many fans eager to see how Joshua will perform after his recent setbacks.

Anthony Joshua has faced a tumultuous few years in his boxing career. Once considered an unstoppable force in the heavyweight division, Joshua has seen his star dim slightly following consecutive losses to Oleksandr Usyk. These defeats not only cost him his unified heavyweight titles but also raised questions about his ability to compete at the highest level.

Tyson Fury, never one to shy away from speaking his mind, believes these losses have taken a significant toll on Joshua’s confidence and fighting spirit. “Joshua hasn’t been the same since losing to Usyk. His confidence is shot, and he’s not the fighter he used to be,” Fury claimed.

Daniel Dubois, a rising star in the heavyweight division, presents a formidable challenge for Joshua. Known for his power and aggression, Dubois has quickly climbed the ranks and is eager to make his mark by defeating a high-profile opponent like Joshua.

“Dubois is young, hungry, and powerful,” Fury remarked. “He’s got everything to gain and nothing to lose. That makes him dangerous.”

Fury also pointed out the psychological aspect of the upcoming fight. “Joshua is under immense pressure,” Fury said. “He’s trying to reclaim his status, and that pressure can be crippling. Dubois, on the other hand, is coming in with the mindset of an underdog. He’s got less to prove, and that makes him mentally stronger.”

For Anthony Joshua, the fight against Dubois is more than just a match—it’s a chance to prove that he still belongs among the elite heavyweights. A loss could have severe implications for his career. “If Joshua loses to Dubois, it could be the final nail in the coffin,” Fury warned. “A third consecutive defeat would be a massive blow, and I don’t know if he could come back from that.”

Fury’s comments have added an extra layer of intrigue to the already highly anticipated bout. Fans and analysts alike will be watching closely to see if Joshua can defy Fury’s grim prediction and rejuvenate his career.

Tyson Fury’s stark warning to Anthony Joshua sets the stage for a dramatic showdown on September 21. With his career potentially on the line, Joshua faces a critical test against the formidable Daniel Dubois. Whether Joshua can overcome this challenge or if Fury’s prediction will come true remains to be seen. One thing is certain: the world will be watching, and the stakes have never been higher.

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