(VIDEO) Katt Williams & Mo’Nique CHECK Steve Harvey’s THREATS to Shannon Sharpe

In an interview promoting the film “The Butler,” Terrence Howard made some controversial comments about his co-star Oprah Winfrey. Initially, Howard and Winfrey were set to film a small love scene, but it grew into something larger due to Howard’s behavior. Howard was quite open about his admiration for Winfrey, particularly praising her physical attributes. Despite the unusual nature of his comments, Oprah herself appeared unfazed, even joking about the situation on Steve Harvey’s show. She mentioned that the scene was supposed to be small but was expanded due to Howard’s antics.

Katt Williams & Mo'Nique CHECK Steve Harvey's THREATS to Shannon Sharpe -  YouTube

Howard’s remarks sparked considerable media attention, with some like comedian Cat Williams suggesting that Oprah might have had a psychological impact on Howard. Oprah, however, dismissed the comments as playful and exaggerated by the media.

Terrence Howard’s erratic behavior and controversial comments are not limited to his interactions with Oprah. His personal life has been marked by legal issues and allegations of violence. Howard has faced multiple assault charges and has a history of troubled relationships. His second wife, Michelle Ghent, has accused him of domestic violence, which he has denied, claiming self-defense in some instances.

Howard’s professional life has also seen its share of drama. He was replaced in the “Iron Man” franchise reportedly due to disputes over pay and behavior on set. Howard blamed Robert Downey Jr. for his exit, but industry insiders suggest that Howard’s difficult behavior played a significant role. Despite his talent, Howard’s temperament has often put him at odds with colleagues and collaborators.

His views on women have also drawn criticism. In a 2007 interview with Elle magazine, Howard made controversial statements about women’s hygiene and modesty, revealing his preference for women who use baby wipes instead of toilet paper and criticizing provocative dressing. These comments, combined with his history of assault allegations, have painted a complex and often troubling picture of the actor.

Howard’s upbringing was tumultuous. His father, Tyrone Howard, was convicted of manslaughter when Terrence was two years old. At 16, Howard emancipated himself from his family and moved to New York to pursue acting. His break came with a small role on “The Cosby Show,” though his direct approach to Bill Cosby led to him being cut from the show and facing challenges in his early career.

Overall, Terrence Howard’s career and personal life have been marked by significant achievements and controversies. His talent as an actor is undeniable, but his behavior off-screen has often overshadowed his professional accomplishments. Whether discussing his experiences with Oprah or addressing his tumultuous personal life, Howard remains a figure who sparks both admiration and controversy.

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