What Made Cody Rhodes Cry When Solo Sikoa Won Money In The Bank 2024?

The shock ending of Money in the Bank 2024 left WWE fans in disbelief as Solo Sikoa, who self-proclaims to be the Tribal Chief, defeated Cody Rhodes with the assistance of Jacob Fatu. This unexpected outcome has sparked widespread discussion and left fans questioning how Cody Rhodes, a wrestler who ended Roman Reigns’ iconic reign, faced The Rock, and defeated AJ Styles twice, could be brought down by Solo Sikoa.

The storyline surrounding The New Bloodline has reached a critical point, and analyzing the recent developments provides insight into why Cody Rhodes was defeated by Solo Sikoa at Money in the Bank 2024. It appears that the decision for Rhodes to lose was a strategic move by WWE, setting the stage for Solo Sikoa to challenge Cody Rhodes in a singles match at Summer Slam 2024.

This upcoming match between Solo Sikoa and Cody Rhodes at Summer Slam 2024 is anticipated to lay the groundwork for the return of the original Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns is expected to make a dramatic comeback, leading to Solo Sikoa’s defeat and a brutal attack on Sikoa for taking his place. This confrontation at Summer Slam 2024 will mark the beginning of the Bloodline Civil War.

Cody Rhodes’ emotional reaction following his defeat at Money in the Bank 2024 can be attributed to the weight of the storyline and the significant developments it entails. His tears were not just a result of losing the match but also an acknowledgment of the complex narrative that is unfolding. This defeat is a pivotal moment, setting in motion events that will shape the future of WWE and the dynamics within The Bloodline.

The WWE Universe is eagerly awaiting Summer Slam 2024, where the intense rivalry between Cody Rhodes and Solo Sikoa will reach its climax, and the return of Roman Reigns will bring new twists and turns. The anticipation for the Bloodline Civil War is building, and fans are excited to see how this epic saga will unfold.

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