Jennifer Aniston’s sexy body forgets her age, she doesn’t seem to age even though she is 56 years old

Even though she is 44 years old, the Hollywood actress still makes everyone admire every time she wears a bikini to show off her sexy figure.


Jennifer Aniston in a photo taken nearly 10 years ago at Cannes beach in 2004. At that time, she and her ex-husband – Brad Pitt attended the Cannes film festival and enjoyed a romantic vacation.



In January 2005, the beauty slimmed down on an island in the Caribbean Sea. Jennifer once revealed that she always maintains a beautiful figure because she exercises hard. The actress has a slim body but is not weak at all, but very healthy.



The “Friends” star wore a tiny two-piece swimsuit in Mexico in December 2007.


Jennifer also applies a diet to keep in shape but is not too harsh on herself. Occasionally she still pampers herself with her favorite foods.


In March 2008, she confidently showed off her figure at the age of 39. Jen confided: “Currently I feel even better than when I was in my 20s and early 30s.”


Beauty sunbathing on Miami beach in May 2008.


She was sexy in a black and white bikini at the Mexican beach in December 2008.


Jen also shared that practicing yoga helps her stay youthful longer.


In February 2010, Jen went on vacation with her two best friends Sheryl Crow and Courteney Cox. She showed off her flat stomach like when she was a teenager.


Jennifer continued to wow fans with her toned, sexy body at the age of 43 when she went on vacation with her fiance Justin Theroux in Mexico, December 2012.


Hot actress on the beach in August 2013. Not many women under 50 in the West can maintain curves like Jennifer Aniston.


Jennifer boldly undressed to show off her sexy body in the comedy movie “We’re the Millers” released this summer.

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