Lip Reader Finally Gives Insight Into Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez’s Alleged Arguments

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck while fans look for clues about the status of their marriage. The couple have been plagued by divorce rumors (and there was even a time when the Argo actor was photographed without his wedding ring, adding fuel to the fire). The good news for fans who are hoping for a reconciliation is that Affleck is reportedly wearing his wedding ring once again. But what have the couple been arguing about that has started these reports about their marriage in the first place?

Jennifer Lopez, Mexico City 'Atlas' Fan Event
Jennifer Lopez won’t answer any personal questions during her press tour amid Ben Affleck divorce rumors.

Well, we may have gotten an insight into their relationship after footage emerged of them appearing to have a discussion while in a parked car. TikToker tismejackieg, who is known for lipreading videos, decided to weigh in on this footage and share what she thinks they are saying.

What Are Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Fighting About?

The video starts with Ben Affleck allegedly saying, “Somebody has to … that’s that’s life. Yeah, it’s hard.” Jennifer Lopez allegedly replies, “Yeah, but I don’t have to tell her (yeah) anything that confusing right now, and I don’t want to.” Affleck responds by saying, “I think it’s tough on all of us …” to which the singer replies, “And I get frustrated …”

The clip ends as the car starts moving. But now, we have questions! Are they talking about telling their respective children something? Is this how they decide how to tell their kids that they are separating? What are they disagreeing about that is tough on all of them? Are they even saying this at all? Lipreading is not exact, and everything that TikToker tismejackieg thinks they are saying is alleged. She even has a disclaimer on her video to remind people of this. The caption on the post reads, “Disclaimer: Lip reading is not a reliable form of communication, all statements are alleged.”

People React To The Video Of Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Allegedly Arguing

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez walking


People have reacted in the comment section of the TikTok video, and there are a lot of mixed feelings about this footage. “This seems like not an argument so much as a serious conversation to figure something out,” a comment reads.

“Uh-oh… when the look of contempt creeps in, it’s over! He’s already gone,” another comment reads. There are also theories about what they could be speaking about. “They are probably talking about who’s gonna tell Emme about the break-up,” a comment reads. “As a man I can tell you that is the face of someone who literally wants to be annnnywhere else but in that car with her,” another TikToker shared.

Fans are thrilled with how this TikToker can tell what Bridgerton’s Colin and Lord Anthony Bridgerton are saying to each other on the red carpet.

Other comments on the post include, “Are they getting a divorce? Maybe talking about telling a child they are splitting?,” and “Sounds like they’re talking about their teenage kids that most definitely can be frustrating sometimes.” Fans of tismejackieg have also praised her for the work she is doing with these celebrity videos, with comments including, “I’ve been waiting for this!!! You were the first person I thought of when this came out.”

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