Meghan Markle Was Angry When She Was “Surpassed” By A Famous Star, Spurned And Refused To Come To Her House


In 2021, Meghan and her husband shocked public opinion with a blockbuster interview with Oprah Winfrey to carry out a large-scale attack on the British Royal Family. The program received a huge number of views and became a hot topic for many months.

Meghan is said to have the ambition that this interview will “sweep” all the major awards this year, but the reality is harsh. A source told New Idea , at the recent People’s Choice Awards, Meghan hoped her interview with Oprah would win an award with the aim of paving the way for her to return to Hollywood. However, it failed against Jennifer Aniston, with  HBO Max’s show called Friends: The Reunion .

Jennifer Aniston stands out more than Meghan, making the duchess angry

The Duchess of Sussex is said to feel “disappointed” and “heartbroken” when she lost to famous star Jennifer Aniston. At the same time, she also felt angry when she had to lose to her arch-rival because the two had a long-standing “enmity”. An inside source said that Jennifer Aniston is said to “repeatedly decline” the Duchess of Sussex’s invitations to dinner at her million-dollar mansion in Montecito.

In 2020, some international news sites said that Meghan also spoke ill of Jennifer Aniston when she was ignored by this star. Specifically, in 2011, Meghan and Aniston participated in a comedy movie together, called Horrible Bosses , at which time Meghan hoped the two would be friends to support each other at work.

Meghan Markle was angry when she was surpassed, spurned by a famous star and refused to come to her house - Photo 2.

Meghan was spurned by Jennifer Aniston many times

Meghan is also said to have told colleagues that her acting talent is on par with star Jennifer Aniston. Besides, there was also some information revealed that the hostile relationship between the two stemmed from the fact that Prince Harry was once infatuated with star Aniston.

According to some reports, Harry has Aniston’s phone number and he is said to often send sweet messages to her. Aniston knew that Prince Harry had a crush on her. However, the actress did not respond because of the age gap. Jennifer Aniston (52 years old), is an American actress, producer and entrepreneur. She once had a noisy marriage with famous actor Brad Pitt.

Meghan Markle was angry when she was surpassed, spurned by a famous star and refused to come to her house - Photo 3.

Harry once flirted with a famous actress

Meghan’s side has not yet given any response to the above information.

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