Cardi B throws her wig into the crowd while performing in London

Cardi B throws her wig into the crowd while performing in London

Cardi B was so impressed with her own performance that she snatched her own wig right off her head.

While on stage at the Wireless Festival 2019 on Friday night in London, the 26-year-old rapper pulled off her long, straight black wig and threw it into the crowd.

Wearing just her wig cap, Cardi then continued to perform the rest of her hits without missing a beat.

After the performance, however, it seems the “I Like It” singer never recovered her valuable hairpiece — which costs thousands of dollars, according to her hairstylist — and perhaps regretted her actions. She posted a video on her Instagram the following day with the caption, “I GOT CARRIED AWAY …….I want my wig back:/ Dm me.”

Cardi B threw her wig into a crowd while performing in London

Unfortunately, Cardi’s headwear looks to be long gone; a fan posted a video on Twitter of what appeared to be multiple concertgoers ripping apart the wig to take home their own pieces of Cardi B property.

“Sis doesn’t know that this is what her wig has become,” the fan captioned the clip.

And the wig toss wasn’t the only cardinal rule of haircare Cardi broke during the show: Before throwing her hairpiece, the musician poured multiple bottles of water over her head, causing her hairstylist Tokyo Stylez some additional grief.

Cardi B gets 'carried away' as she whips off her wig and throws it into crowd at London show | Daily Mail Online

“I scream every time 😫…… no no noooooo lol but apart [sic] of me loves to see it cause the crowd goes crazy,” she wrote beneath a caption of Cardi wrecking the glue and perfectly straight locks. Stylez also commented on Cardi’s Instagram video with a series of horrified emojis: “👩🏼‍🦲 🙀😵.”

Still, there were plenty who loved Cardi’s move. Remy Ma, Taraji P. Henson, Christina Milian and more celebrities commented on her Instagram, with Snoop Dogg declaring it “the greatest move in hip hop.”

There was no time for Cardi to fret over the lost wig, either; after her performance in London, the star moved on to Ireland, where she slayed in more practical space buns.

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