Diddy Resurfaces After Police Raids

Diddy Resurfaces After Police Raids

Photo Credits: TMZ and Diddy/Instagram

At 1:00 a.m. Pacific time on March 27th, TMZ filed a report that Sean “Diddy” Combs had been seen talking to federal agents on an airport tarmac in Florida. TMZ published a photo of the interaction and claimed that Diddy’s conversation with federal agents occurred on Monday, March 25th. At approximately 6:26 p.m. PST on March 25th, a TMZ report showed a video of Diddy “pacing around” the Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport after agents stopped him at approximately noon EST.

In the photo, Diddy is dressed casually in a white T-shirt and blue pants. More shockingly, he’s surrounded by agents outside of a private aircraft. The photo allegedly shows Diddy’s “associate” being taken into custody by federal authorities.

TMZ claimed that Diddy didn’t “appear to have been detained,” although his back is to the camera. But Diddy’s “associate,” 25-year-old Brendan Paul, was later arrested. TMZ confirmed that Brendan was booked on the charge of possessing substances after agents searched his “travel bag.”

A March 26th TMZ report shared an exclusive video of the raid on Diddy’s Star Island mansion in Miami. The shocking video captures the moment that Homeland Security officials “descended on Diddy’s properties on Star Island.”

TMZ wrote that the area was “guarded and blocked off by law enforcement” as agents arrived on a boat and unloaded on a dock towards Diddy’s mansion. In addition to law enforcement ground vehicles and watercraft, a Homeland Security helicopter viewed the raid from overhead.

Sources confirmed that Diddy’s Los Angeles mansion was also “swarmed” by authorities. This caused an even greater scene in California. Unlike Star Island, which is “sectioned off from the public,” Diddy’s L.A. home is on a residential street.

Diddy Has Not Been Arrested

Diddy was allegedly on a “Spring Break” with his family and friends in Miami. TMZ claimed their photos showed Diddy’s teenage twin daughters were with him during the conversation with federal authorities. Sources allegedly told TMZ that Diddy first “appeared to be abroad a separate private jet” when Homeland Security “rolled up” and Diddy stepped onto the tarmac for the discussion.

TMZ thought, “It might seem strange that Diddy wasn’t cuffed.” However, they claimed it “tracks with what we’ve heard about this situation” so far. Allegedly, TMZ sources “with direct knowledge” have confirmed that Diddy has not yet been arrested.

The current Diddy scandal is based on an “explosive lawsuit” filed by Rodney Jones. The lawsuit claims Brendan served as a “mule” for Diddy for various illegal activities. This includes the dealing of weapons and substances.

Another TMZ update on March 25th reported that they were tracking Diddy’s private jet following the raids. Diddy personally owns a “LoveAir LLC jet.” TMZ tracked the aircraft to a ground location on the Caribbean island of Antigua.

TMZ alleged that the “flight activity” for Diddy’s jet showed that it had “been up and down California” on March 24th and 25th, leaving Sacramento Executive Aiport and landing at Palm Spring International Airport. Later that evening, the jet left Palm Springs and flew for half an hour to Van Nuys Airport. The jet departed Van Nuys Airport, and TMZ reported that it eventually “landed at some point in Antigua.”

The public has been concerned that Diddy is a flight risk. At the time, TMZ claimed it was “unanswered” whether Diddy was on the plane. Based on TMZ reports in the following days, Diddy appears to have been grounded with his family and friends in Florida.

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