Rumors Surface About Diddy’s Adopted Daughter

Rumors Surface About Diddy’s Adopted Daughter

Photo Credits: Diddy/Instagram and The Combs Twins/Instagram

The disturbing stories about Diddy’s past are showing no sign of letting up. The most recent rumor is connected to a video from 2020 that has started to spread again on TikTok. What’s being discussed has got a lot of people seriously worried.

The clip appears to come from Instagram Live and shows Diddy showing off his so-called “adopted” daughter, a young girl called Ava Baroni. The Bad Boy founder tells the child to introduce herself, while a group of other men stand behind them.

She goes on to say, “My name’s Ava. I’m a Scorpio,” before Diddy interrupts her and tells her to give her full name. She says that her name is “Ava Combs Baroni.”

Diddy then goes on to claim that he “adopted” Ava, while acknowledging that she also had “beautiful parents” of her own. However, he then went on to describe Ava as being his child.

Viewers Are Concerned For Ava

The disgraced mogul tells Ava to share the story of how he came to adopt her. What she said was pretty horrifying.

Ava jokingly said she was “on the streets” before Diddy, whom she referred to as “Papa Combs” found her. She said that Diddy “decided that he was going to be a caring man.”

Ava continued, “So then, he saw me and decided to pick me up and said to come inside and stay with his kids.” She described Diddy’s twin daughters Jessie and D’Lila as “basically sisters” to her.

TH recently shared a photo that showed Diddy posing with his two daughters and Ava, all in dresses and holding dogs. After Ava finished describing how Diddy “adopted” her, the producer chimed in to say that her account sounded “borderline suspect.”

He went on to say that he adopted her “like Madonna adopted kids”. Diddy also name-checked other celebrities like Charlize Theron and Sandra Bullock. He explained that he did it to “take care” of her and “help [Ava] out.”

Given the crazy recent events surrounding Diddy and accusations made against him, the resurfaced clip attracted a flood of concerned comments. One viewer commented to write, “WHERE IS SHE NOW?!?!?!!,” while another demanded that Diddy “return that child.”

At one point in the video, Diddy stated that he had got Ava’s mother’s “permission” to adopt her. The authorities raided two of Diddy’s mansions in the last few days in relation to trafficking charges. Since then, everything Diddy has done or shown us in the past is being looked at in a new and horrible light.

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