(VIDEO) Joᴇ Rogan And Mikᴇ Tyson Talks About Boxing And Bᴇing Callᴇd Out By Jakᴇ Paul!

Joe Rogan and Mike Tyson Discuss Boxing and Being Called Out by Jake Paul

In a recent conversation between Joe Rogan and Mike Tyson, the two legends delved into Tyson’s return to fighting, the challenges of maintaining balance, and the unexpected emergence of Jake Paul into the boxing world.

Tyson, reflecting on his comeback to the ring after years away, attributed his decision to try DMT, a powerful psychedelic substance. He recounted how the experience led him to shed weight and ultimately sparked his return to boxing. Rogan noted Tyson’s previous reluctance to work out due to concerns about his ego, but Tyson explained how the DMT experience shifted his perspective.

The conversation turned to Tyson’s initial plans to fight Bob Sapp and how it ultimately evolved into his bout with Roy Jones Jr. Tyson shared insights into the complexities of arranging fights and how unexpected challengers like Jake Paul entered the picture. Despite being challenged by Paul, Tyson expressed admiration rather than irritation, viewing it as a bold move.

Rogan and Tyson discussed the importance of not taking oneself too seriously, drawing parallels to Tyson’s anecdote about a stern mayor who almost lost to a laid-back opponent. Tyson emphasized the need for balance and humility, highlighting the ephemeral nature of success and the significance of one’s legacy.

The discussion then turned to legendary samurai Miyamoto Musashi and his emphasis on balance in all aspects of life. Tyson acknowledged the challenge of maintaining self-control, particularly in the face of success and adulation. Rogan highlighted the immense pressure Tyson faced as a young champion and the obsessive mentality required to reach the pinnacle of the sport.

Tyson opened up about his early years in boxing, revealing the intense dedication and single-minded focus that propelled him to success. He acknowledged the downside of such obsession, recounting moments of manic behavior outside the ring.


Throughout their conversation, Rogan and Tyson offered profound insights into the mindset of a champion, the importance of balance in life, and the unexpected twists and turns of the boxing world. Despite his tumultuous journey, Tyson’s perspective on success, humility, and self-awareness shines through, offering valuable lessons for fighters and fans alike.

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