(VIDEO) NBC News Terminates Contract with Ronna McDaniel

NBC News Terminates Contract with Ronna McDaniel

NBC News recently faced backlash after announcing the hiring of former RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel, prompting a wave of objections from her new colleagues and the public. Critics argued that McDaniel’s past actions, including her support for baseless claims of election fraud, made her unsuitable for a journalistic role. Despite these objections, NBC News proceeded with the hiring.

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However, just one week after the announcement, NBC News terminated McDaniel’s contract amid mounting criticism. This decision has reignited debates about journalistic integrity and the role of conservative voices in mainstream media.

Ronna McDaniel Fired From NBC News After Backlash

Some argue that McDaniel’s termination represents censorship and bias against conservative viewpoints, while others believe it was a necessary step to uphold journalistic standards.

Critics point to McDaniel’s involvement in promoting election misinformation and her close ties to former President Donald Trump as reasons for her unsuitability for the role. They argue that her past actions undermine her credibility as a journalist and raise questions about her objectivity.

Furthermore, McDaniel’s statements during her time at the RNC, where she reportedly said that working for the Republican Party meant “taking one for the team,” have raised concerns about her commitment to truth and accuracy in journalism. Critics argue that her past behavior makes it difficult to trust her as a reliable source of information.


Overall, NBC News’ decision to terminate McDaniel’s contract has sparked discussions about the balance between providing diverse perspectives and upholding journalistic integrity. It remains to be seen how this decision will impact the network’s reputation and future hiring practices.

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