(VIDEO) Travis Kelce Teases Weight Gain After Vacationing with Taylor Swift on Podcast

Travis Kelce Teases Weight Gain After Vacationing with Taylor Swift on Podcast

During a recent episode of their podcast “New Heights,” Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs star, and his brother Jason Kelce, retired Philadelphia Eagles center, engaged in a humorous exchange about their drinking prowess and weight. Travis, 34, playfully joked that he and Jason, 36, were finally in the same weight class after enjoying a pre-NFL offseason vacation with Travis’ girlfriend, pop sensation Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's Relationship Timeline

The banter between the brothers began with an argument about who could consume more alcohol, with Travis suggesting that Jason could no longer rely on his weight advantage as a deciding factor. Jason confidently asserted his ability to handle more volume, prompting laughter from Travis, who pointed out Jason’s reported weight loss to 260 pounds, seemingly leveling the playing field.

However, Jason clarified that he actually weighs around 280 pounds, prompting Travis to humorously dismiss the difference due to his “opulent offseason lifestyle.” Despite the clarification, Travis joked, “283, all right, still. It’s March. We’re in the same weight class right now,” prompting laughter from both brothers.

Even though Jason acknowledged that Travis had been indulging more in recent weeks, he couldn’t resist engaging in the friendly competition. Travis, known for his outgoing personality, has been enjoying his offseason by traveling the world alongside Taylor Swift.


Following his third Super Bowl win, Travis and Taylor have been spotted in various locations, from the shores of Australia to the skyscrapers of Singapore. The couple has been exploring each new city together, visiting popular sites and dining at renowned restaurants. Most recently, they were photographed lounging in the Bahamas amid Taylor Swift’s monthlong hiatus from her record-breaking “Eras” tour.

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