Jennifer Lopez vs Jennifer Garner net worth: What’s the difference between their fortunes?

Jennifer Lopez vs Jennifer Garner net worth: What’s the difference between their fortunes?

Ben Affleck’s current and former wife have had huge economic success in their careers.

Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Garner

Even though Jennifer Garner is a millionaire due to her succesful career as an actress, brand ambassador and entrepreneur, Jennifer Lopez has an estimated net worth five times as big as Garner’s.

They both have in common being Ben Affleck’s wife at some point in their lives, with Garner sharing three kids with the actor, while Lopez has just began her marriage after getting married in Las Vegas.

What’s Jennifer Garner’s net worth?Jennifer Garner was born in Houston, Texas, and even though she first intended to become a chemistry engineer, she opted to change her focus to fine arts and started pursuing her dream of acting.

In 2004, one of her greatest movie hits “13 Going on 30” came out, and for that movie she received a $3 million dollar paycheck, a rate that came up by 2007, when she reportedly earned $7 million for her role in “The Kingdom”.

Garner has an estimated net worth of around $80 million dollars, due to her earnings from acting, entrepreneurship and her brand ambassador roles as well.

What’s Jennifer Lopez net worth?Jennifer Lopez seems to be living her best life, smiling everywhere and glowing anywhere she goes after marrying her longtime ex-boyfriend Ben Affleck a couple of weeks ago.

J-Lo has had a successful career in music, movies and generally just being on of the world’s biggest celebrities, and without a doubt her breakthrough performance came when she played Tex-Mex’s late star Selena in her biopic.

Even though her acting career struggled to gain traction, with many criticizing her roles, she eventually would turn it around and have success in the box office, like with the movie ‘Monster-In-Law’, for which she received a $15 million dollar pay check.

It has been reported that she had a $12 million dollar yearly salary to be a guest judge in American Idol as well.

Her net worth is estimated at $400 million dollars, five times more than Jennifer Garner.

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