Kim Kardashian’s Anger towards Bianca Censori: ‘Stay Away from My Children’

Kim Kardashian’s Anger towards Bianca Censori: ‘Stay Away from My Children’

A Kim Kardashian Source Speaks Out on Report That She Wants to ‘Warn’ Bianca Censori About Kanye West

For the second time this week, a source connected to Kim Kardashian spoke out about a tabloid report that surfaced regarding her feelings about her ex-husband Kanye West and his alleged wife Bianca Censori.

British tabloid Closer claimed yesterday that Kardashian was concerned with West controlling Censori and wanted to reach out and warn her. A source now tells Page Six that the truth is far from that.

kanye west and bianca censori in los angeles on may 13, 2023

“She absolutely does not want to talk to her [Censori],” the source said. “Kim is actually a firm believer in letting people be on their own journey and figure out life. She would never call someone and warn them.”

The source reiterated to Page Six what other Kardashian sources told TMZ earlier this week: With West, Kardashian is only concerned with “matters of co-parenting” their four children.

“Kim has very much moved on,” Page Six’s source said. “Kim only wishes Kanye and Bianca the best.”

Page Six’s source was responding to what a different source alleged to Closer. The Closer source claimed, “Kim is watching the situation with Kanye and Bianca open-mouthed and she can’t believe how reminiscent it is of how Kanye was with her.

She says she can see Bianca being moulded into Kanye’s ideal of the perfect woman. She thinks it’s worrying that Kanye did not learn his lesson and that he feels it’s okay to treat people like this.”

“Kim looks at Bianca and it spooks her as it’s precisely what happened to her,” the source continued. “Kanye is extremely passionate about fashion, but it can become an obsession, with the X-rated outfits and the OTT looks becoming really tough to deal with. Kim has told friends that she feels as if she wants to take Bianca aside and advise her on how to keep true to herself and her own ideas for her self image.”

The source added: “In Kim’s opinion, all the fame or exposure in the world isn’t worth being someone else’s puppet. She feels she owes it to Bianca to try to open her eyes and talk sense into her before it’s too late.”

Kim Kardashian is reportedly angry at Bianca Censori and believes she needs to stay away from her children. Kardashian is upset with Censori’s involvement with her kids and wants her to keep her distance. Kardashian’s protective instincts have been triggered, and she is demanding that Censori back off.

The tension between the two women seems to be escalating, and Kardashian is not backing down in her defense of her children. The article highlights Kardashian’s strong reaction to Censori’s actions and emphasizes her determination to protect her kids at all costs.

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