‘Respectful act’: Taylor Swift shared sweet HUG with her ex Taylor Lautner onstage after pop star re-releases tender song about their romance unfolded 14 years ago

‘Respectful act’: Taylor Swift shared sweet HUG with her ex Taylor Lautner onstage after pop star re-releases tender song about their romance unfolded 14 years ago

During her Friday night performance in Kansas City, Taylor Swift and her ex-boyfriend Taylor Lautner exchanged tender embraces onstage.

Some of Swift’s most well-known breakup songs are included in the recently remastered version of her third studio album, Speak Now.

This includes the heartfelt song Back To December, which she wrote following her breakup with Lautner, whom she dated for a short while in 2009.

Footage of Lautner and his spouse Taylor Dome arriving at Swift’s most recent performance on Friday night has made the rounds on Twitter.

Her words: Swift has just a re-recording of her third studio album Speak Now which features some of her most famous breakup ballads, including one about Lautner

And as the performance began, Swift invited Presley Cash, Joey King, and Lautner to the stage.

Swift unveiled a brand-new music video for her song I Can See You during the show, featuring herself with Lautner, King, and Cash.

When they jumped onto the stage to join Swift on Friday night, all three of her castmates seemed to be bursting with enthusiasm.

What a group: As the concert got going, Swift welcomed Lautner to the stage, along with the actress Joey King and Presley Cash

All four of them got together for a loving group hug that was sure to warm the hearts of the “Swifties.”

Upon taking the stage for the first time, Lautner wowed the crowd by flipping twice, a move that was caught on camera and shared on Twitter.

His ex-girlfriend met him right away with an embrace, which caused the audience to cheer even more.

Having a ball: All three of her castmates appeared to be brimming over with ebullience Friday night as they bounded onto the stage to join Swift

In the video that has also been made public on Twitter, Lautner said that, “by the way,” he “didn’t plan the flip.” It simply felt correct.

He sincerely thanked the crowd, saying, “We had so much fun making this video.” He also complimented them for their energy. I’m grateful that Taylor invited me and the rest of us.

“I want to say one thing very quickly: I respect you so much. Not for the singer, songwriter, or performer that you are, but for the real person that you are,” said Lautner.

So sweet: In a move certain to warm the hearts of the 'Swifties,' all four of them gathered together for an affectionate group hug

‘You are kind, humble, kind, and I’m honoured to know you,’ he said in a rhapsodic manner. I’m grateful that you allowed me to participate in this and that you are a part of my life.

Recently, Lautner casually said on the TODAY show that he wasn’t worrying about the song’s potential comeback.

Terrific: When Lautner first walked onto the stage, he delighted the audience by performing a double cartwheel, in a moment captured on video and circulated on Twitter

I believe the album is excellent. Yes, I feel protected, he replied, adding that his wife, who had previously acknowledged that she was a Swift fan, was eager for it to be released.

Swift and Lautner had a brief but intense romance that fall after meeting on the set of the celebrity-studded romantic comedy Valentine’s Day in 2009.

In contrast to a lot of her breakup songs, Swift expresses regret to Lautner in Back to December.

Behind the scenes: During his speech, which has also surfaced on Twitter, Lautner dished that 'by the way,' he 'didn't plan the flip,' but: 'It just - it felt right'

Lautner worries that Swift’s ex-boyfriend John Mayer could not be as fortunate, despite the fact that he probably won’t see the wrath of her ardent fan following. “I’m praying for John,” the native of Michigan continued.

The hitmaker’s dubious song Dear John, which appears on Speak Now, is rumoured to be about her age-gap romance with the Mayer.

In 2012, he claimed to Rolling Stone that the song “humiliated him” and left him feeling “dreadful,” stressing that “I didn’t deserve it.” I’ve come a long way in accepting responsibility, and I never done anything to earn it.

He concluded by calling Swift’s actions “cheap songwriting” and stating that “it was a really lousy thing for her to do.” Between December 2009 until the beginning of 2010, when she was only 19 and he was 32, Swift dated Mayer.

She seems to be criticising Mayer in the song for’messing’ with her at such a young age and remembers people telling her to avoid the singer.

What does HE think? Lautner recently reacted to Swift releasing a re-recording of her album Speak Now, which features a song about their 2009 split; the pair seen in October 2009

Although she has never stated outright that the song is about Mayer, she has indicated that listeners will figure it out from the “small clues” in the lyrics.

Swift shocked her fans last week when she revealed that the Speak Now re-recording would be available in July.

She revealed the new cover image on Instagram and did so at her Friday, May 5 show in Nashville.

Taylor Swift, Taylor Lautner Friendship After Breakup: Timeline

She wrote in the description of her picture, “It fills me with such pride and joy to announce that my version of Speak Now will be out July 7 (just in time for July 9th, iykyk).”

The album, she clarified, was completely “self-written between the ages of 18 and 20.” It was published in 2010.

Swift went on, “The songs that came from this period in my life were characterised by their raw honesty, uncensored diaristic confessions, and wild wistfulness.”

Taylor Swift brings out ex Taylor Lautner onstage at Eras Tour

“I adore this album because it chronicles a story of maturing, stumbling, taking off, landing, and living to tell.”

The album is currently available for pre-order, and she disclosed that it will include six additional tracks that she’s “sprung loose from the vault.”


Since making her musical debut in 2006, the multi-Grammy Award winner’s romantic life has captured the attention of both haters and fans.

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