Taylor Shesh wears VMA 2022 gemstone dress to attend The Eras Tour tonight at Singapore National Stadium

Taylor Shesh wears VMA 2022 gemstone dress to attend The Eras Tour tonight at Singapore National Stadium

What you need to know about Taylor Swift’s 22 hat and why some fans want Taylor Sheesh to have it

Most hats serve only as accessories to complete your outfit, unless we’re talking about Taylor Swift’s valuable 22 hat—that’s a different story.

Taylor is currently in the middle of her Eras Tour concert at the National Stadium in Singapore, which is her only stop in Southeast Asia. Whether you’re a die-hard Swiftie or not, you’ve probably heard about the so-called “22 hat” that’s been circulating social media.

The 22 hat is a tradition that Taylor started in her Eras Tour concerts since her stop in Glendale, United States back in 2023. It’s a simple yet heartwarming moment where the award-winning singer chooses one lucky fan from the crowd and bestows them the black fedora she wears while performing on stage.

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The hat itself is an ordinary fedora made by Gladys Tamez and is later signed by the Midnights singer.

As you might have guessed, the tradition serves as an homage to her song 2013 song 22 from her fourth studio album, Red, in which the song’s music video showed Taylor wearing the fedora.

Some Pinoy fans have been calling for Filipino drag queen Mac Coronel, better known as Taylor Sheesh, to get one of these 22 hats as she attends her Singapore leg. This has left many other Swifties wondering how one can get the coveted memorabilia.

Who has gotten the “22 hat” at the Eras Tour?

The most recent fan to get the hat was a 10-year-old Singaporean girl named Giselle Heng. During their sweet moment, Taylor ran to Giselle as she was waving at her from the end of the stage and the two shared a tight embrace.

The young fan then gave the singer one of her friendship bracelets, and in turn, she was given the famous 22 hat. They parted ways with a fitting high-five gesture.

Giselle isn’t the only young concert-goer to have been given the hat, as it was also bestowed to other little girls whose ages range from five to nine years old, including Scarlett Oliver who is currently battling a brain tumor.

But these instances don’t mean that the older fans no longer have a shot at getting the hat. Previously, a 20-year-old TikToker named Oliver Mills received the hat in one of Taylor’s Melbourne shows. The music artist was seen kneeling on the stage and handing him the hat, before saying, “I love your videos. You are so funny.”

How exactly do fans get the “22 hat?”

While there’s no definite pattern or trick to securing the hat from Taylor, there have been rumors floating around the internet as to how it all goes down.

A concert-goer named Michelle Hillier theorized that it’s actually Taylor’s mother Andrea who chooses who gets the hat.

“There was a little girl in my section… and she was just dancing up a storm, having the absolute best time since the beginning of the show,” Michelle recounted in a TikTok video.

About three or four songs in, a security guard then came into their section and started dancing with them. All of a sudden, she turned to the little girl and told her and her two guardians to come with her.

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“Those three never returned. I could not get a good look at the little girl’s face, but it looked exactly like the girl who received the hat. So my guess is, at the beginning of the show, Mama Swift picks somebody that she sees and then security comes down and takes them,” Michelle said.

There are also instances where the hat was given to people that Taylor personally knows, such as Kobe and Vanessa Bryant’s daughter Bianka as well as and Selena Gomez’s younger sister Gracie.

Nevertheless, it’s still worth to wish to your lucky stars as you might never know if Taylor would take a shine on you during her concerts.

Taylor Sheesh’s campaign to win the hat.

Sheesh has been one of the thousands of fans who are hoping to be chosen by Taylor for the 22 hat. While she has yet to win the accessory, she previously showed support for the recent lucky fan Giselle.

“Watched The Eras Tour Singapore Night Two and Night Three! My Swiftie heart is so so so happy! Thank you to all my fellow Swifties for the support! Love you all! Let’s be happy [for the] recipient of 22 hat tonight!” Sheesh posted on her X account.

Despite this, some of the queer artist’s fans couldn’t help but express their disappointment at Sheesh not getting chosen despite her immense promotion for Taylor’s Eras Tour.

“Non-filo Swifties, I really want y’all to understand the significance of Taylor giving the 22 hat to Taylor Sheesh. She’s just not an impersonator, she’s a f***ing event that brings together people from around the Philippines with joy and friendship. This is so serious for me… ” one user wrote.

Another one stressed, “No one is saying Taylor owes anyone anything! I think it’s just very disappointing that someone with Taylor Sheesh’s immense impact wasn’t acknowledged, after we’ve seen that people who make content about Taylor can or will be acknowledged.”

Others meanwhile disagreed with this and argued that the 22 hat is not something to be campaigned for.

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“It’s cute that the fans are doing that and all but in Taylor Swift’s team perspective, it is so forced. Getting the 22 hat is not a contest kaya wag niyong sisihin ang team ni Taylor Swift for Taylor Sheesh not having the hat,” one user posted.

There are only three dates left on Taylor’s Eras Tour in Singapore, on March 7, 8, and 9.

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