Taylor Swift Allegedly Got Kanye West Kicked Out of the Stadium after a Ridiculous Stunt to Defame Her in Super Bowl Backfired

Taylor Swift Allegedly Got Kanye West Kicked Out of the Stadium after a Ridiculous Stunt to Defame Her in Super Bowl Backfired

Another day, another news item featuring Taylor Swift. The sensational pop star is not just a 14-time Grammy-winning singer, but one of the most influential celebrities across the globe.

Her mass fan following adores her every move while many respect her for how empowered and outspoken she is. Without letting anyone walk all over her, Swift emerges as a symbol of confidence for women of every walk of life.

Kanye West Tries to Steal the Spotlight from Taylor Swift

Kanye West

Kanye West

As Taylor Swift made her way back from Japan in time to watch her beau Travis Kelce ace the Super Bowl match, Kanye West was busy devising a plan to benefit from the attention she was getting.

Super Bowl 2024 became one of the most-watched matches of all time with over 123 million viewers. This is primarily because of Swift’s presence at the match. NFL owes Swift big time for boosting their viewership and merchandise sales.

West, on the other hand, tried to deploy a marketing stunt by sitting in front of Swift and stealing her airtime even though she was seen on screen for less than 1% of the match. In the podcast, I Am Athlete, ex-NFL star Brandon Marshall claimed that Swift used her influence to make West leave the Allegiant Stadium as quickly as possible. He said,

“He’s got a mask on with his logo on the mask, typical Kanye. Taylor Swift gets pissed off. She boom boom makes a call or two. Everybody’s involved. He gets kicked out of the stadium. He was trying to leverage her celebrity… He tried to sit in front of Taylor Swift.”

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift in Karma

Not just this, West also purchased a 30-second advertisement spot during the game to promote his brand Yeezys. Funnily enough, the entire ad was hastily recorded on his phone.

At the same time, users on social media point out how Marshall is known to exaggerate claims and his experiences are to be taken with a grain of salt. However, the story might be plausible given West’s history of stealing Swift’s attention. No official confirmation has been received by either celebrity.

Taylor Swift and Kanye West’s History

Taylor Swift and Kanye West MTV VMAs Incident

Taylor Swift and Kanye West’s MTV VMAs Incident

The rivalry between the two singers began in 2009 and is apparently still going on. During the MTV Music Video Awards, West got up on stage and interrupted Swift’s speech as she accepted the award for Best Female Video.

West’s antics to remain relevant and gain the spotlight have not changed since then. He still remains on the lookout to capitalize on other people’s media frenzy even if it makes him look bad.

Since the incident, West has mentioned Swift in his songs which is yet another attempt to get attention. In his song Famous and his recent release Carnival, he claims to make Swift famous and even objectifies her using sexual connotations. This sparked outrage among the masses as they called West out for his cheap tricks to make headlines.

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