(VIDEO) Jake Paul Cancels Fight with Mike Tyson After Being Knocked Out in Sparring

Jake Paul Cancels Fight with Mike Tyson After Being Knocked Out in Sparring

In a shocking turn of events, the boxing community was left stunned as Jake Paul abruptly canceled his highly anticipated bout against Mike Tyson.

This decision came following a shocking video surfacing online, capturing a sparring session between Paul and Tyson. The footage revealed a drastic turn of events as Tyson unleashed a relentless barrage of punches on Paul, who appeared overwhelmed and defenseless. The clip culminated with Paul slumped against the ropes, his expression betraying pain and humiliation.

Speculation ensued, with questions arising about whether the altercation was a staged publicity stunt or a genuine demonstration of Tyson’s formidable power.

Internet star turned boxer Jake Paul to square off against legendary  fighter Mike Tyson

However, Jake Paul addressed the incident directly in a scathing social media post. He clarified that what transpired was not a sparring exercise but an outright attack from Tyson. Paul expressed his dissatisfaction and displeasure, stating that he couldn’t enter the ring with someone who clearly disregarded his opponent’s safety.

The announcement sparked a frenzy within the fight community, with fans eagerly anticipating the showdown between the YouTube sensation and the boxing legend.

However, Paul’s decision to prioritize health and safety over the allure of a hefty paycheck received both applause and criticism. Critics who had previously questioned Paul’s boxing credentials seized the opportunity to mock him further, while others commended his stance.

The aftermath of the startling sparring video escalated as Paul not only called off the fight but also initiated a legal offensive. His legal team filed a hefty $200 million lawsuit against Tyson, accusing him of assault.

The lawsuit alleged that Tyson’s actions were premeditated and malicious, intending to cause serious harm rather than engage in a controlled training session.

Mike Tyson responded to the sparring incident by emphasizing the seriousness of boxing training and dismissing Paul’s disrespect. He recounted Paul’s arrogance and lack of regard for the sport, stating that boxing isn’t a joke and won’t tolerate disrespect. Tyson’s message aimed to uphold respect for the sport and its legends, despite facing criticism for his alleged brutality.

In response, Jake Paul vehemently disputed Tyson’s claims, accusing him of disrespecting decency. He denied clowning around and criticized Tyson’s own form, suggesting Tyson’s reaction was unwarranted. Paul’s response ignited a heated debate, with supporters and critics of both sides chiming in on the dispute.

During a live-streamed press conference, Paul announced an amendment to his lawsuit, explicitly citing aggression as the reason for damages. He emphasized that boxing isn’t a free-for-all, and there are rules and respect for a reason. The amended lawsuit included witness testimony corroborating Paul’s claims of excessive force and disregard for safety protocols.


Despite uncertainties, Jake Paul’s transformation from controversial YouTuber to legal crusader against aggression in the ring captivated headlines. Whether he would prevail in court or be seen as a savvy self-promoter remained to be seen. One thing was clear: the saga of Jake Paul versus Mike Tyson continued to dominate the boxing world’s attention.

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